Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Stop Self-sabotage

Podcast Tips “Stop Self Tampering”

Podcast that deals with an important topic for the world of coaching. Self-sabotage affects us all, consciously or unconsciously we set ourselves limits that in

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Pied Piper

Podcast Tips “The Pied Piper”

Do you remember the tale of the “Pied Piper”?How many pipers do we meet in our lives? Knowledge and awareness can help us recognize them

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Heads or tails

Podcast Tips “Heads or tails?”

Do we know how to recognize false skills, false beliefs?We learn to improve ourselves every single day. Listen to “Podcast Tips” Heads or Tails? “”

Podcast Tips “Socrate Mental Coach”

Philosophy and coaching have many points in common. Philosophy and coaching have many points in common. Listen to “Podcast Tips” Socrates Mental Coach “” on

Podcast Tips “The Flying Car”

The flying cars … it is no longer just a “stuff” from the film now it would seem reality. Listen to this podcast. Listen to

Podcast Tips “Adding value”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” Morcheeba sang.Beauty, the pursuit of perfection, giving value to what we do is what we will have to pursue.

Podcast Tips “Blockchain”

In this podcast I try to explain blockchain technology, remembering that it has 6 powerful properties.Openness, distribution, decentralization, immutability, incentives, trust. Listen to “Podcast Tips”

Podcast Tips “Milestones”

A podcast to thank everyone and to celebrate the milestone of 1000 downloads, perhaps a small amount but for me an important milestone.Thank you all