The Coach is a coach, a coach of the mind. Coaching focuses on improving performance (P) by increasing potential (p) and decreasing interference (i)

The Coach is the expert in the process that guides the coachee’s behaviors. The coachee is the expert on the contents of the situation. Together they become experts on the best solution for the coachee.
It is suitable for everyone, not only for sportsmen but also for companies, professionals and anyone who wants to tackle a path with the aim of improving and gaining greater self-awareness.

We need to train the body for endurance, speed, strength, so our mental abilities and capacities also need to be trained, especially when we set ourselves goals that are not easy to achieve.

We work for objectives. In particular, specific, timed and measurable objectives aimed at giving us, among others:

  • Greater awareness of one’s own attitudes
  • Achievement of greater autonomy and effectiveness in performance and in everyday life
  • Inspiration

It is open to anyone who wants to increase their awareness and effectiveness in the personal, professional, sports and corporate spheres. The goal is always the pursuit of excellence in performance.