Introducing myself, BA in Philosophy and an 18-year career in fashion as a modeling agent and mentor and in runway production.
I love and practice almost all sports (I played for 7 years in the Armani Jeans Milano youth academy), sport and my education have taught me to be positive and resilient.

How did I approach mental coaching?
“How to improve yourself and your performance …” in 2019 I typed this sentence on Google, the idea came to me reading in sports newspapers that some athletes had significantly improved their performance thanks to the help of a mental coach.

La vera domanda nella mia testa era “ma io vorrei un coach per migliorare me stesso o imparare io ad essere un mental coach?”.
And here I find a course for mental coach on the Bocconi website, the fact that a university of purely economic disciplines clears a subject like this has fueled my interest.

Analyzing myself I understood why I was fascinated by this discipline, I believe that coaching and philosophy are synoptic because placing them on two opposing columns you can find many things in common such as the Socratic concept “know yourself”.

During the university years between the serious and the facetious I told my classmates that I would like to open a kind of philosophy school for non-philosophers because I believed that some teachings could improve people’s lives.
I had personally experienced how my studies had had a real thaumaturgical effect on me, improving me, inspiring me and opening my mind.

Then, as often happens, life led me to do something else but this recurring thought has never abandoned me.
I have relearned to question myself and no longer set limits.