Podcast Tips “August 1st 2021”

This date in Italian sport will be remembered forever.
Two athletes, two feats and two incredible gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Jacobs and Tamberi athletes with very different personalities and personal stories united by the fact that they have realized a dream and have exceeded their limits. This is the beauty of sport this is the strength of our mind.

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Podcast transcript

Hi everyone, new podcast tips. I remind you that you can listen to my podcasts on my website www.marcoprincipi.it and you can find a lot of material related to coaching, mental coaching and if you want you can also have a chat by booking directly from the site, absolutely free with me.

What do you want me to tell you today, is August 2nd and yesterday was August 1st. What happened first August, everything happened. I have never really seen a day like this from a sporting point of view so two gold medals in athletics in less than 20 very heavy minutes 1 in the 100 meters. The queen discipline of the Olympics is one in the high jump.

Two incredible athletes but with very different stories and with very different characters who have done something unimaginable. I was not expecting it to be honest. I was probably expecting a medal but maybe a bronze one. Nothing more.

But they really went beyond probably even beyond their dreams and their imaginations. Oggi non parlerò dei singoli atleti quindi di Jacobs e di Tamberi farò sicuramente un podcast ad hoc più avanti perché entrambi hanno due belle storie da raccontare.

But I want to talk about the strength of the mind of how the mind changes everything and just shifts our limits and crumbles the barriers we had.
Jacobs is a prime example. Until 2018 he ran 100 in 10 15 he came from the long jump he was always a great sprinter over 60 meters but he didn’t seem to promise what he has become now with us.

In the middle he is followed by a mental coach who really changed him, she immediately managed to get to his ropes and to understand what were his pain points and his limits that did not make him express at the best of his possibilities.

And from there it really changed, it was a continuous improvement and above all managed to improve a lot in the most important moment.

We have staff of 9 95 and in just two days he went from 9 95 to 9 80 in the 100 meters I don’t know what you have in mind what does the new 80 of the 100 meters still mean does it mean that he would have won all the Olympics except two, up to today, the two he would not have won were the ones with Usain Bolt.

So an unreachable Martian. So really chapeau and we really understand that by unlocking the limits that we set ourselves by removing five performance rooms this fear of making mistakes.

This anger that maybe if you are against external things you can then letting go, letting go of the problems, letting go of the past if you can truly reach incredible goals.

On Tamberi, what would you really like to do on this side. But I want to emphasize the importance of the group when he won he talks about the group thanks everyone because after the serious injury he had that he knew was affecting his career he had friends near he had collaborators who proved to be something more than collaborators but friends who encouraged her to go on.

I had a father as a coach who understood him and pushed him to understand his character. He has had a partner who he himself says has put his life before the life of a couple. So that he could achieve his goals.

So truly two incredible characters. Kudos to them for everything they have done. But I wanted to underline something else immediately after these two incredible victories we also witnessed incredible feats of our other athletes.

I am talking about the athlete of the 110 obstacles from woman to tower with the Italian she almost managed to do a historic feat and therefore to qualify for the final. I’m talking about the 400 obstacles. A boy managed to qualify for the final by making a time that are Mori had done in the past Mori was world champion continuing to improve. And so on.

This is because once someone who is part of a group manages to overcome his limits and therefore to do something that was previously imaginable, he also unlocks all the others. it’s like the hummingbird effect is a bit of inspiration for everyone.

Everyone understands that they can push their limits. Everyone understands that they can dream and so by unlocking only this mental part, they can achieve results that were previously incredible.

We must understand how this is how contagious this thing is how contagious. On the contrary, the negative thought at the thought of not being able to make it the thought that everything is wrong is contagious and counts very rightly.

Even this type of thinking is the thought that there are no limits for us that the only limits that exist are the ones that we set ourselves and let’s always remember that we never give ourselves any limits we can be able to do everything we want. Motivation, desire and commitment are enough. Let’s think about it. Thank you all.