Podcast Tips “Ben Wallace”

Being rejected, finding a closed door, a failure, are blessings. Because they determine the moment in which we must seek in ourselves the strength and motivation to demonstrate to others and above all to ourselves how much we are worth.

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Podcast transcript

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Today I want to tell you a good story about Ben Wallace, a famous player of the mid 90s and early 2000s and a player who was not in the media like Kobe Bryant like Michael Jordan like Magic Johnson or like now Lebron James or Williams.

However, a very important player for the teams in which I played especially for the Detroit team. And now he’s just entered the basketball Hall of Fame. But his path was not that easy.

He was born in an Alabama family, he was the tenth of eleven children with a very poor family and he always had to conquer everything from a young age he vented his anger even his power physical prowess by going to the gym in fact he had built an incredible physique he could go and see on the internet some pictures of this huge man aged 2 and 6 with a truly incredible physique.

And luckily for him he had managed to get a scholarship from the University of Virginia and also enter the second division of the series tournament.

So it was not an incredible prospect of those that are immediately reported in fact when there was the NBA draft, the draft is the moment in which college players who can go from college to professional league are chosen. without a contract he was first called from Boston but in April he forgets that he has cut out. They did not think it was adequate for their level was also cut in our country so there is always a bit of Italy in these stories in Reggio Calabria was cut out and sent home instead Washington thinks about it a little thought every three years to go to Orlando but nothing special.

Until fate brought him to Detroit Detroit in such a way that the city of the Bad Boys. Who are the Bad Boys are that Detroit team that in the nineties had managed to beat the great Chicago Bulls and must be beaten because they were bad.

Their leader Reese Thomas then there were players like Dennis Rodman like William Byrd bad people bad people that the blood that sprouted blood on the field made it spit even to the opponents.

This nickname has remained Larry Brown this mythical coach wanted to bring me this fighting spirit this spirit of grit of his team Ben Wallace for him was the right man.

Summing up in his six seasons in Detroit he won a title in Serie B and in 2004 he was defender of the year five times in Serie B and then team defender five times gladly four times placed twice in league rebounds once best blocks of the League.

This was a player that no one wanted in six years has made everyone change their minds. It has a palmares that even the most popular players cannot even imagine. During this night in which he was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame there are also some of our players like Sandro Gamba Rubini and the great Dino Meneghin said he gave a beautiful speech now I summarize you I assume a piece that I think is very important.

Everyone will go. Going knocking on the door and discovering that your name is not behind it is a blessing because that is where you must seek within yourself the strength to move forward and the motivation to show others how much it does what you want.

So don’t cure yourself that you are someone else’s choice. Be the choice of yourself. Here also in these sentences I find really a lot of the world of football sometimes a failure sometimes a rejection can be a blessing for us because it means looking in the mirror and saying this is not good what I am doing is not enough we must do more I have to search within ourselves.

Nobody else. It will do something for ourselves if we are the first to do something for us and therefore we must find in us the strength both to move forward. And the motivation to prove to others that they were wrong. This is Ben Wallace’s great teaching.

This is also a great lesson in coaching. We must find in ourselves the strength and motivation to prove our worth. To get to know each other, gain awareness and first of all we must respect them ourselves.

So sometimes a slap, a fall, a failure that disappoints us leaves us naked in front of the mirror, making us see all our defects all our limits. it is truly a blessing. Thank you all.