Podcast Tips “Coaching and Tokyo 2021”

Coaching and the Olympics what is the connection? The performance of each athlete is the result of 5 years of continuous improvements and sacrifices. Whether you arrive first or last, everyone wins.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. New podcast tips. Vi ricordo che Potete riascoltare miei podcast sul sito www.marcoprincipi.it tutti potete anche trovare tanto altro materiale relativo al coaching.

I wanted to talk about coaching again in this podcast. As you know there are various types of coaches I am often asked this question: but what kind of coach should I, should I call, should I hear about my problems with whom I should consult.

We are so generalist. So they are things that sweep a bit on more topics on more issues but it is difficult to find them because they must have so much experience.
Above all, they must be very very empathetic because putting on someone else’s shoes to get in deep contact with someone else is not for everyone but rather for few.

Then there are the various sectoral coaches that can be the sports coach, the business coach, the life coach, the team coach. So everyone has their own sector of reference, here I personally find myself more in sectoral courses because I believe I do not have the empathy that allows you to get in touch with anyone.

I define myself as a mental trainer unconditional coach and this binds me a lot to the world of the Olympics. For me inspiration is everything and everything is just that thing that click here let’s call it so that made me change a little it made me change the way I face each day I try to face the day to improve myself to exploit it up to last own.

It was a nice change a nice change for me I just don’t want to miss anything anymore. And that’s thanks to the inspiration by coming to see someone else who did it. Knowing then informing myself by training is really a different way of living that I like very much and I must say that the Olympics are the apotheosis of this thing because besides the various athletic gestures as well as seeing in the beautiful sport done at the highest levels one also understands the sacrifice who made these athletes the madness behind the dedication behind the focus behind it are boys and girls who in the last 4 5 years have sacrificed their lives have trained every single day just to get there at this appointment with the hope of getting on the podium or even winning the gold medal. All of them.

Whatever sport they do they have that goal and it’s amazing to see the joy or disappointment or despair of athletes when they win, lose or don’t achieve a result they want or think they deserve.

Because behind it there is an incredible work at work that does not only involve them but involves the team as well as the families. And these are people who have not thought about this for four or five years. So it takes a willpower, a love for what you do. Incredible.

Sometimes do it. I would like to be there especially close to the athletes who do not win to say now that for me he was a hero and in any case for me you did something incredible because sometimes we take it for granted but getting to this level of ambition and love for something is really for a few.

They are therefore people who manage to focus on having long-term goals and creating a road map. And so they are really strong mentally. So everyone. Truly everyone standing up is thrilling and just look at them. Because every sport that is archery a shot put athletics basketball football volleyball canoeing anything.

Done at those levels made by understanding all the work behind it for each individual athlete is something beautiful and exciting. Look let them inspire you.