Podcast Tips “Facebook”

Are social networks always fair and transparent?
Perhaps not always, communication with the platform should be two-way not one-sided as in the case of Facebook.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone the new podcast tips welcome welcome back. I remind you that you can go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it. to find many contents related to the mental coach as who is the mental coach.

What a mental coach does. The meaning of mental coach is also how you can become a mental coach so there really is something for everyone. Today in this podcast you can talk about Facebook because Facebook for those who use it especially for. Knowing when my friends or acquaintances turn their birthdays because it’s something I just can’t remember I admit I don’t remember anyone’s birthdays and Facebook is perfect in this.

Today, however, now the surprise of accessing my account and Facebook warns me that someone may have tried to enter my account. This is why he suggests me to change my email or password which I do but after this is another even more bitter surprise in the sense that he decides to suspend my account because there would have been posts. platform company.

And here for me there is a serious mistake. I have been working lately as I am doing the platform and the platforms have to revolve around the customer the customer the customer experience on the platform and the force the platform. It seems to me that the opposite is done.

Let me explain if anyone tried to enter my account was used what happened what day the time happened and also who it was. If I have published I don’t know when I don’t know how I don’t know where a post that is considered incorrect for the platform policy can know what the post is as published and where I published this post.

All this information is not given information is unilateral so there is no possibility of having a contact with a non-existent assistance center but it will be done only if you request a second check to see if there really are these contents deemed unsuitable for the platform but you do not know what the contents are where you may have made a mistake and who or when someone may have tried to enter your profile.

I find this very serious very serious from a commercial point of view from the point of view of the functioning of the platforms it is very serious in the relationship with the customer a relationship that in the case of Facebook has already cracked so the relationship that is already in difficulty because we all know that Facebook had legal trouble precisely because it sold our data and the data of some users of the platform to third party customers for marketing or even political purposes.

So a company that carries out actions of this kind that is in the eye of the storm perhaps afterwards should change its relationship with the customer to become a two-way relationship also the customer will be able to communicate with the platform especially in these cases if there is a problem to explain what the problem is. Don’t tell me there’s a problem that’s why we’ll suspend you and we’ll see. And I think this is really a big problem of this platform that is born even before the first one is born because I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to delete your Facebook profile or a page linked to your profile is a practically impossible action. I say because the Byzantine nation tried it is very difficult.

They do everything they can not to get you deleted and so I wonder you do everything if I want you to delete them so as not to do. But if you or your algorithm decide you should be suspended. There is no dialogue there is no possibility of dialogue and this becomes an irrevocable decision on the part of the platform and you don’t even know why I find it really something stupid I can say of Byzantine.

It almost seems to go to INPS in Italy where you never get answers and I find something that does not clash with the world of platforms. Anyway I did this whole podcast just to appeal please I don’t care if he deleted my profile but I want my photos back because I only have a lot of those photos there. So please give me a chance to download my damn photos. Thank you all.