Podcast Tips “Heads or tails?”

Do we know how to recognize false skills, false beliefs?
We learn to improve ourselves every single day.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone, welcome to the Tips podcast. If you want to have some more information on coaching go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it.

Today I want to talk to you about true or false competence. Sometimes we think that people are competent and successful even if in reality they are not.
I’ll give you a small, even funny example. Let’s think about putting 1,000 people in a theater and giving each of them a coin of one euro.
Then there is a person who whistles every 10 seconds and at this time people toss the coin and make heads tails. If he tests the person remains if he tails, he loses everything and leaves.
So statistically, after the first launch, 500 people are eliminated and another 500 remain and the 500 euros of the people who have left the classroom are also divided among them and so on.
So then theoretically to become 250 then 125 and so on up to statistically let’s say 4/8 people. It is normal that these 4/8 people will begin to think that they are and have some qualities, of being able to do heads or tails, perhaps because they put themselves in a particular position, perhaps thanks to the effect they give to the coin.
These are false beliefs, they are false competencies. A person thinks because he has happened to be successful at something multiple times, that he is a competent person.
Trivialize the thing for a moment. Could these people really teach us anything? Are they truly competent people who have the awareness and knowledge to teach us something or is their success an ephemeral success? È chiaramente un successo effimero.
The only way to be competent to be able to build a real success is that of the knowledge of the study which then brings us the competence.
Quindi lo sforzo che ognuno di noi dovrebbe fare ogni giorno perché io stesso mi sono sentito quando le cose vanno bene è arrivato e so tutto io sono bravissimo.
In reality this is not the case because things change in a second and when they change you understand how many gaps you have. How much more you have to do and you really have to do isn’t there.
You always have to learn, it’s really true. Every day one has to build or rather build a new brick. In his building in his mind.
However, it must still continue to work to increase our knowledge and therefore our awareness.
A continuous work the hard work that brings sacrifice but this sacrifice then these sacrifices will then pay us with great successes. that’s how something is built.
So what I suggest to everyone is not to think that we have arrived to be finished in short, but really commit ourselves every single day even to do a little thing that can improve us and that can give us more knowledge.
I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this podcast. Thank you all.