Podcast Tips “Matthew McConaughey”

I don’t particularly like biographies of actors or celebrities but Matthew McConaughey’s is a good book.
Beautiful because it speaks of love for life, challenges and awareness, all pillars of coaching.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. New podcast Tips. I remind you that you can go to the site to listen to other podcasts to find material on coaching and why not if you want too book a chat with me.

Today I wanted to talk about a very nice book I read called Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. I hope I have pronounced the name of the famous Hollywood actor well.

It’s a book I bought by chance. Let’s say I’m definitely not a fan of actor and show character biographies. These are things that I actually avoid.

But I love bookcases because I like the taste of paper the smell of paper the smell of books the smell of bookshelves right then in the old one I have that type of old bookshelves and on the books that call me it is not me who comes in and I say I don’t want that book.

Sometimes it happens but they have to be a little more technical management than fiction books to read. So often the books are calling me as if the cover hit me or my eyes went right in that part in the bookshelf tells me take me it’s just like that and almost never wrong.

In short, I almost always choose the right book for me. I must say this book was a really nice surprise. I did not know the author of the book well as an actor I only knew him for some romantic comedies of the late 90s and early 2000s but I did not know him as a dramatic actor and I must say that after reading the book I went to see some of his films and I they liked them.

So my trial was a reverse process. I read the book which then led me to watch his movies instead of reading the book because I knew him how. So a somewhat particular process

Let’s say why I liked the book because I think it is a book that can also be useful for cinema because this book is a hymn to life truly in a lifetime. We see that the protagonist the author is in love with his life and his life.

And I like it a lot because he also uses very beautiful terms he tells me that he is living different lives or he corrects himself by saying that he lives a life that has many small lives inside it.

This is a very beautiful sentence because this sentence If we talk about coaching we can find it in the fact that every day we can live a different life every day we can invent ourselves and we can do everything that we did not do the previous day.

We can achieve goals or set new goals that we never set ourselves. So just every day you can be reborn as a phoenix.

The other thing I liked a lot was also the fact that he talks about the abuse he suffered as a child but he doesn’t go deep into it simply because I don’t care he says that life is too good to be a victim to. play the victims.

He is not a victim because this attitude of not being victims even of much more futile things because we often feel we are victims of our fellow victims of fate. Here is the word victim the word that in coaching it must be eliminated.
We are not victims we are the ones who can create and make and modify our life so let’s always remember that.

Another point that I really liked about this book was his career here too I found some very important elements for the coaching.
He was a very successful actor and an actor who mostly did romantic comedies. At a certain point I had the courage to say enough, refuse scripts to refuse gigs and I know that seen by us mortals we think of having a Hollywood actor who refuses script gigs because if it is not so because once you have created yourself the character once you have so many requests for a certain type of film it is not easy to change genre and be able to be accepted as a dramatic actor as an actor in serious quotes.

Many actors try it many actors try it then they are crushed by the critics and no longer work for this they lose fame, money and sometimes even health. So it was a very very brave move but a move that was dictated by the fact that he loved what he did the most important thing.

If one loves what he does he is not afraid to face big or small disappointments. So he was able to say enough for a certain type of film to reinvent itself.
So get out of his comfort zone and say I want to show that I’m an actor who can also make another type of film.

How it went then you all know. So I highly recommend reading this book because it is well written and also easy to read but among the various folds of the book there are many teachings that can also be useful for ourselves to motivate us to understand that all people even those we believe are lucky. we believe they are special.

They are because they got involved because they abandoned their comfort only because they tried to know if he was knowing ourselves. We will achieve success thanks to everyone.