Podcast Tips “Talent and Passion”

Passion, responsibility and work ethic are 3 important themes in the world of mental coaching.
Talent alone is not enough to achieve our goals, we must become aware.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. The new podcast tips, welcome back and welcome. I remind you that you can listen to my podcasts on my website www.marcoprincipi.it ..

Today I want to talk to you about three very important elements in the world of the concept. Ethical passion of work and responsibility I will make it through the story a true story the story of a boy who loves sports loves all sports and discovers that he has a particular talent for basketball even if his passion for football.

He discovers a village fair by playing one of the machines made available by the exhibitors. He discovers a village fair by playing one of the Why he starts playing he never stops because he continues to play basketball he continues to win prizes. It will be the merchant himself who will tell you to stop.

Back home even the same parents are surprised by this amount of awards and decide to advise you to audition for Olimpia Milano, Olimpia Milano and the current Armani Jeans Milano at the time was Philips they took me and we can approach it if we talk about football, at Juventus at Inter Milan at one of the most prestigious clubs in Italy and in the world.

The boy does this audition he passes him he starts playing in the youth teams of this club and practically does the whole process. Curious is that the first tournament that is awarded as the best player of the tournament. So the talent is there, the boy grows, he has fun and I make a small cut.

The life of sportsmen, even young people who play at a competitive level, is like that of adults with the addition of school. So we are talking about four workouts per week. Three hours plus a school in the morning in the evening and two games on the weekend so six days a week they are occupied by basketball.

But if one has fun this is not a problem, on the contrary it becomes a natural thing. So everything runs smoothly. The team continues to win says so much that it will also be entered in a championship with people two or three years older than them to put in difficulty many in a year will start all the games.

They will always win the provincial titles they will lose only once in the regional title they are friends and they always win the Italian title. But what happens all these years.

One day the actor asks a teammate in the locker room before a game. Who according to him was the strongest player in the team. And this companion indicates the very protagonist of our story. Our protagonist the unexpected reaction from the outside seems that nothing has changed.

Instead something changes. He doesn’t think this decision is right. He thinks it’s a bluff because he thinks that at least three of his teammates are better than him and that at least three others are on the same level.

So he doesn’t think he deserves this status as the strongest of the team but maybe. It is not that he does not think he deserves asylum and that he does not place this responsibility to be indicated as the best means to grow to become a point of reference for all. And this means another kind of commitment.

Another type of pressure that does not accept and therefore begins to self-sabotage another concept that we have already dealt with in the world of coaching. He no longer trains as before and above all he no longer has fun as before.

And also on the performance on the field it decreases so much so that from being a protagonist it becomes an overwhelming not to choose even on the field anymore.

But this guy is proud so he decides Ok I don’t want the responsibility but I want to win a place in the team he will become a specialist. Basketball specialist for those who do not know him can be those who are very good at taking rebounds who instead becomes a great shooter so he scores a lot or who is a great team man because he is a great defender and therefore become a team man.

Defense then be a great defender and help teammates in difficulty but understand that something is no longer there and this is something that is no longer there is passion and without passion is no longer willing to make these sacrifices.

May they see this in the normal world in the real world. In fact it is often said. That someone is lucky when his work is also his passion. And as if it doesn’t work once you lose it it becomes difficult to lead this kind of life.

In fact, despite his coach not then of. It is not that simple because at these levels if it has a 6 card ownership of the company the company wants to end the contract it does so by sending a satellite team to a secondary team to use it to park players who I do not think are not ready to go to the main team .

This team becomes the star of this team. And he has fun because the commitment is much lower. It’s just two one-hour workouts a week. It is played only once a week against even low-level teams.

Until the friendly between this new team is made. The Olimpia Milano youth team is another team less than a year younger than the one in which our protagonist plays, he thinks he is playing a normal game so to play well instead he does not touch the ball is physically and technically dominated by those who previously did not they weren’t even his former companions but they were the ones who a year younger understand them another thing.

That talent is not enough, it also takes work. It takes a work ethic, talent must be cultivated, passion must be cultivated and even if only six months have passed, six months have been enough to ensure that always a crook just because he no longer has that desire that competitive strength and commitment that leads to sacrifice every single day.

Final result for the performance. From this story, therefore, we can have three great teachings. What talent. That we all have we all have something we’re particularly good at. It counts for nothing if it is not supported by the passion that means that all the sacrifices we go to make do not weigh on us. Especially from the work ethic.

So it means that whatever we are able to do must be trained we must study. We must always be on the spot we must always be updated so it is a process that never ends because as soon as this process is finished as soon as we let our guard down there is someone else who is not doing this someone else surpasses us with merit.

And then there is another great discourse is that of responsibility. Responsibility scares responsibility scares everyone. But our life time comes. Either before or after responsibilities. We have to catch ourselves. Only if we take our responsibilities then we also reach our awareness. And this is another great lesson in this story. Thank you all.