Podcast Tips “The discipline”

Inspiration and motivation are fundamental elements in the process of building a goal. But if they are not accompanied by discipline, they are not enough.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. Welcome back to podcast tips. Good day good evening. I remind you that you can go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it to find other material and other podcasts.

Today I want to make a quick reflection on the motivation for inspiration. As you know, I believe because it works for me that motivation and inspiration are fundamental.

So the inspiration we can take everywhere we can take from nature, we can take it from music, we can take it from art, we can take it from movies, everything around us inspires us the actions of other people and the sources are endless. of inspiration that we can have but inspiration must be accompanied by motivation.

Because I am motivated if I don’t really want to do something I can be inspired as much as I want but it will be a flash in the pan it will be something that I start and leave.

But I want to add another another detail but another fundamental thing beyond inspiration is the motivation that discipline because without discipline you can not do anything or better maybe you can do things but get hurt.

These are all things I have tried on myself. The discipline of the fundamental discipline is what gives you order that organizes the mind that organizes the brain so you have inspiration is the source of inspiration.

You decide you want to do a given thing to achieve a goal because you are truly motivated. But then the strategy that alone has discipline and discipline you can build a lot by giving yourself rules and of course also drawing a road map for yourself.

So knowing what you want to do in a fairly short period of time is essential and even better to put it on paper and it is something that can always be changed if there are unexpected events or there are accelerations but it is important to have a precise vision.

È importante che tutto sia misurabile sia temporalmente che nelle azioni. So remember, don’t be satisfied with motivation or inspiration, always accompany everything with discipline, discipline and what makes us reach our goals. Thank you all.