Podcast Tips “The Flow”

Another topic inherent in mental coaching is the flow or the zone.
But what exactly is it? Tortu explains it to us in an interview with the Gazzetta. dello Sport And can it be trained?

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone the new podcast tips. Welcome back here we are again after the August holidays. I hope you have a lot of positive energy because that is always needed.

Today I want to talk about flow. Now I’ll explain what it is and I’ll explain why this topic came to my mind, a fundamental topic for fertilizer. And I read a good interview in the Gazzetta dello Sport wrongly that talked about his experience at the Olympics.

The interview that I recommend you reread. Because we are not just talking about the flow but we are also talking about the team so he praises the concept of the team and says that he did not do some good individual Olympics even if he gave his best even if he still reached the semifinals of the 100 meters at the Olympics which it is a great achievement.

But he said that instead he did a great team work indeed they did a great team work and that he having started playing football and therefore in a team he has always admired and has always been very good in the locker room for what for the dynamics that happen in a team and that also the proximity that he had standing with the Italian basketball team has loaded a lot and has loaded the whole team very much the whole Italian 100 meters relay which then went on to win that magnificent gold.

And he talked even more. What is the is that. We can call it that feeling in which you have total control of everything and you already know how something will turn out. In fact, he says that already at 30 40 meters from the finish line he already knew that he would win the race even if he was still behind and he already imagined winning it with a very good gap even if he will win it by only a cent.

This point is the flow and this awareness this with complete control of the situation. I think anyone who has played sports has had this feeling at least once.

An incredible thing happened to me practically and how I already predict the future as I already know what I should do. What will you do how you will do it and how it will all end. I know it. I digress if you have seen the movie of a new Sherlock Holmes movie.

When he is fighting, the lead actor already imagines what his opponents will do what he will have to do. Here this is exactly the movie. You already have an idea of what you will have to do and also what others will do.

So it is like a moment of enlightenment or rather it is like a moment of awareness but it is something that does not come out of nowhere, something that is trained. So when we enter this floor this feeling because we already know where we want to go We know what it takes to reach the goal we are trying to reach.

We already have a plan to address the obstacles that may arise and. We can already visualize it in the mind and therefore we already have an internal dialogue that can help us how. At this moment many concepts of the kitchen of the visualization roadmap are combined and it is something that lasts a fraction of a second but close to the incredible output many great athletes have managed to use this technique many times, especially in the most important moments. I’ll give two examples I talk about basketball because it is one of the sports that I like the most and the sport that I have practiced the most.

So I bring two great champions like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They had many of these moments but they were also the result of the great work they did in the gym they were so aware of themselves that they could almost manipulate the present.

And this is also thanks to the great ability to stay in the present to maintain positive and constructive thoughts and therefore trust. In fact, if you go to watch the games or if you watch Las Vegas on Netflix you see that in times of difficulty all the companions approach and ask for help from these people who have this ability to manage the present and therefore maintain a positive and constructive thought.

And then it also works thanks to the rituals that a management of the periods then maybe do meditation Be relaxed visualize the strategies many small rituals that can be different for each person.

And then precisely this concept of visualization already imagines what will happen already imagines the obstacles that it may have to face in this way it manages to govern the situation. This is the flow. This is what happened wrongly and this is what happens to many people who play sports. And this can also happen to each of us.

If we can become aware that we can stay in the present and if we can keep positive and constructive thoughts, think what advantage you could have over everyone else. If you can control the present and build it the way you want, think about it.