Podcast Tips “The Lesson of Paris-Roubaix”

A great classic of cycling, a great victory for an Italian cyclist and again the awareness and mental coaching protagonists.

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Podcast transcript

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Today I want to tell you about the great victory of an Italian cyclist in Paris-Roubaix and you will understand why I want to tell you about this. And the Paris-Roubaix is one of the great Classics of cycling, perhaps the most difficult race of the classics. The infernal race is run in the mud in the rain. I don’t know if I am from Milan on the cobblestone pavĂ© by bike when it rains on the cobblestones it is impossible to ride a bike you can fall at any moment.

Think of the cyclists who go at incredible speeds that only falls are made in fact it was a truly infernal race also because the climate was terrible cold rain many cyclists fell and got up because the cyclists then get up and also another Italian Moscone who was in escape and probably if he would have fought for the final victory he crashed 30 kilometers from the finish.

On the contrary, the rubber first got punctured because on the cobblestones the tires are punctured especially those of cycling which are very thin and then in the eagerness not to waste the time lost due to the fall due to the puncture he crashed immediately afterwards and so he came fourth, a great result anyway. . And in the end, another Italian Sonny Corbelli, also nicknamed the Cobra for his nickname, a cyclist who is not very young at 31 years old who this year had an incredible success won the Italian championship won the European Championship and now saw this great classic that takes him into the legends of cycling he was not the strongest racer in the race but he won against the strongest.

So a big compliment to him and really if you want to review the end of the race you will see that after he won he will pull his bike then he launches into a scream weeping of joy of unbelievable liberation truly the beautiful scene that I recommend you see also because if then you will go and read some of its history it was a bit difficult.

A very lively child, a boy also very overweight to whom no one gave a penny especially in cycling then penalized with cyclocross. In cycling, given his size, they did not see a great future, but with the determination he made it at the beginning he was also afraid of running the fear of opponents which is something that often happens to sportsmen but it happens to anyone in life who does not being afraid to face something.

So the story of an ordinary person who exceeds their dreams I also said that he is followed by a mental coach then another mental coach who follows an athlete who this year has an incredible exploit.

So just think of Max Jacobs in the Tokyo Olympics who too has had an incredible development in the last two years just since he was followed by a mental coach. While they all help to reach your goals they help you to overcome your self-limit tensions that one arises and develops an incredible mental strength that often go beyond their dreams because neither would have thought of winning 100 meters. Olympics or to win the Paris-Roubaix Corbelli because he himself says I have never done this race because I did not think I was suitable for this race and already on the bus I had told my fellow boys see you on the bus which means I retire and then those of you who finish the race will join me on the team bus. Instead it did not go like this, he exceeded his limits and also exceeded his dreams and expectations.

And I really enjoyed talking about this because Michael Bradley’s mother was also interviewed and said it is beautiful to me. He says his mother has changed a lot in recent times and started winning when as a son he realized he had become a father. So when he stopped being a son and started being a father. This is a beautiful metaphor so it means when he stopped looking for excuses to help others who are often the parents who take us out of the troubles that cover us and took responsibility.

This is also the message that all mental coaches. They want to launch and want to make their clients understand to their members that that of taking responsibility and awareness is no longer afraid to show oneself for what one is no longer afraid to face situations but open up to the world to show the world all the talents that we have each of us has some different talent and show it and strive for excellence.

To exploit this life of ours so as not to throw it away because there is nothing worse than having a talent or talents and not being able to show them to others and not being able to exploit them. So what does it cost us to find what it costs us to live and maybe one day some of us who knows will be able to win a Nobel Prize. Hello everybody.