Podcast Tips “The Power of Coaching Among Colleagues”

Is it always mandatory for a company to hire an executive coach from the outside or can you think of organizing small coaching groups among colleagues? Listen to this podcast.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone new podcast tips. I remind you to go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it all where you can listen to other podcasts and find lots of other material, especially related to the world of coaching.

And it is precisely about coaching that I want to talk today precisely about the power of coaching between colleagues. So we are talking precisely about the possibility of choosing between working in a company or with executive coaching, then with a professional coach or forming small groups of colleagues who themselves follow a coaching process typically the self-management of the coach.

Maybe at the beginning you would need a general meeting with a coach explaining the key points of coaching and then you could work very effectively with colleagues.

This is because by bringing together people who do not have interactions in the company with each other, therefore who come from groups from different sectors, who are part of the marketing sector, who are in the IT sector, who are in the sales sector, I am giving examples.

But those who have roles of experience and therefore very similar positions can work in groups with each other and can do it in a very advantageous way.

What are these benefits and why these benefits. The first is an immersion in the dynamics of the group in real time because in individual coaching there is no talk of a group.

Il coach non ti viene interagire con le altre persone. So the coach will only get to know you better through multiple individual coaching sessions.

So they have a fairly limited experience which is based on the individual interview. The second point is that of an in-depth study of different perspectives. So if this process is well done the group members will have different personalities, experience and objectives but all within the company and therefore they will see various things about the company differently from yours and everyone will benefit from understanding different perspectives and challenges. .

Another great point in favor is that of the opportunity to put these modalities into practice in a safe space because these small groups certainly improve leadership skills and above all improve the ability to listen to use emotional intelligence and listening, a very important thing

It is easy to talk about listening but to apply good listening an active listening listening that does not judge is really difficult and only in a group in which a relationship of great trust is established and it is possible to reach this level of active listening.

Another important point is that of responsibility therefore to create a great system of a solid great system of responsibility. Very often it is difficult at work to have direct and honest feedback, especially the chief leaders have difficulty in obtaining this type of feedback because of course other people are afraid you are always afraid to tell the truth.

Once these groups instead develop such a strong base of security and trust, it will be easier to receive that feedback that can only improve ourselves and the company as well.

Another very important point is to create a lasting support network if these groups spend a lot of time together and last for a long time, a great base of openness and trust will be created in the various groups and therefore no one will feel isolated anymore no one will find problems talking also of personal as well as business problems.

Think of the impact it can have on these closer relationships more based on more honest trust between colleagues so we need to think of this new way of coaching even within companies as something that can cultivate a climate of trust and support between colleagues. cultivate and improve also the collaborative attitude.

How many times in companies there are envy there are uncooperative behaviors one speaks ill of the colleague. Here all this would not be eliminated because it is impossible but it would certainly be diluted and would give precisely the ability to listen actively so not only colleagues but also customers, even outside of work, it would be the possibility of having direct feedback.

This would be essential to improve business performance as well, so understand that this type of coaching needs to develop the relationship between colleagues.

So this coaching in fact in small working groups within the company really has enormous potential. I say that this should replace it would be counterproductive even against me I would speak against myself.The figure of the certified professional coach who certainly has many more tools to help people but within a very large company context. In my opinion it is important to create these small coaching groups let’s call them so that they can only bring advantages to themselves and therefore to every single participant of the group and to the organization, I don’t know what you think and comment as well.
Thanks for listening to me. Hello everybody.