Podcast Tips “The Uncontrollable”

Let’s not worry about what we can’t
check but let’s take care of what depends on us and let’s do it best.

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Podcast transcript

Hello to all the new podcast tips. Welcome back or welcome. You know the difference between the actions we can control and those we cannot control.

Yes I think you all know there are actions and things we do to our life that depend directly on us from our will to our commitment from the crowd we put in.

And other actions that in any case, even if we commit ourselves one hundred percent, we follow everything anyway we cannot influence the result does not depend directly on us often from personal experience or that I also give you friends in people who are close to me or even in strangers we do not destroy for those things we cannot control and this is wrong.

If we cannot control something or state something we pray it does not depend on us we begin to focus on what we can control on what we can address and we must put our commitment and our care to them.

This is also very much linked to the concept of awareness once a person reaches awareness know himself becomes a leader of himself it means that he takes responsibility taking responsibility means being ready sometimes to win and sometimes to fail.

I must say that every time we speak we must have the strength within us to get up to understand where we went wrong and try to improve ourselves. So this type of action can only be applied to controllable actions not uncontrollable ones so let’s really forget.

You can’t miss out on the things we could control and didn’t. You cannot lose because I am talking about losing because you can be beaten but you cannot lose because there is a difference between being beaten and losing.

Battute quando noi abbiamo fatto tutto il possibile ma gli altri hanno fatto meglio di noi ed è una cosa che io accetto qualcosa che bisogna accettare. It can happen in any area of our life. At work, a colleague gets promotion because he is better than us because he has shown that he is better because he has brought better results in the company.

A company opening the job we do not because probably they have brought a better project than ours in sport a team beats us an athlete beats us. They probably did better they are probably more talented so in this case we have been beaten we have been beaten we have done everything possible to not be so it means that we have taken care of our actions.

We have put our maximum effort into it we have sought excellence we have found someone who is better at that moment in this case we are beaten but we have not lost and being beaten means that I understand.

I recognize the momentary superiority of someone else or some other entity. And I am committed to closing this gap and not to be beaten again. But if I lose it means I haven’t done enough. And this cannot happen.

Io accetto di essere battuto ma non accetto di perdere perché perdere vuol dire che le mancanze sono mie. It is not thanks to the others it means that I have had gaps in something I have not put the necessary effort into it.

So beware, I return to the concept of controllable uncontrollable. If you no longer want to lose, we try to put as much care as possible as much attention as possible as much effort as possible in things that are controllable and we no longer think about uncontrollable that takes away energy, strength and concentration. Thank you all.