Podcast Tips “Tyson Fury”

The values of sport as a metaphor for life and foundations of mental coaching. Caduta e redenzione, lotta e consapevolezza misti a follia, questo รจ Tyson Fury.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. New podcast tips. Welcome back or welcome. I remind you that if you want to find other material related to the mental coach or listen to other podcasts you can go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it.

I don’t know which of you are boxing fans but this is important. I wanted to talk to you about a character who in fact a boxer is a world champion is called Tyson Fury only two days ago he had a beautiful match against another great boxer who will watch the third a challenge that seems over.

It is a meeting that struck me a lot for how it developed and how it ended and also for the character. But I still take a step back.

This weekend I did a team building event in Milan with my university mates and other mental coaches. We talked about sport and how sport is the metaphor of life, it contains everything, sport contains falls and rises, crisis redemption and life so how the mental coach bases his principles on the fundamentals precisely on the principles of sport.

And that’s why I want to talk about this magnificent athlete. Magnificent athlete but not magnificent man is a man who, however, has a particular story, a story that in my opinion should be told. I know many of you may not love boxing but boxing more than you see boxing is not just brute strength but strength. It doesn’t matter, it’s a lot of tactics and a lot of intelligence.

Who would say that these people are also people who break their bodies up to the point of even dying. But boxing is not what a game of chess is like and boxing is sacrifice and motivation. Do not think only of the meetings for a preparation for a single meeting, it takes months of sacrifices and months of study and many chapters of training.

Truly one of the hardest sports perhaps the hardest. In short, we care more than a British champion of Irish descent who just a few years ago won and sold 31 matches out of 32 at the moment so an incredible average was given up for passed off because he himself said that he used cocaine and alcohol to fight depression. who went around before a match getting drunk all week until Sunday and who couldn’t fight his addictions.

The only thing that helped him not to think was getting drunk to exhaustion. So they said of him that he had a form of bipolarity that he was a manic depressive himself confirmed it by saying that he just hoped someone would kill him too for this he was so bold and ferocious in the ring because he was not afraid not afraid of dying he wanted to finish the his real fear was to kill himself.

And he himself says that his greatest enemy was himself. And this is something that does not exist, it exists so exaggerated but it is precisely the fear of ourselves and precisely not recognizing ourselves our talents that does not want to show that it worries us that causes us to fight each other.

We therefore have a fight inside the famous fight and therefore if there is a set that blocks the other set it does not allow us to express ourselves for fear for fear of expressing their talents. And it is the same problem for him he was his own worst enemy. This is something we have to learn to be. We have to fight against ourselves because if we don’t love ourselves we have to wait for other people to see those characteristics that we ourselves cannot see.

Returning to this man, he presented himself instead with 30 40 kilos of overweight precisely because he had this desire for self-destruction but then after winning some important meetings after having regained confidence after having acquired awareness and changed his mind now he is a changed man a man always in shape that eliminating the alcohol that has pushed the diet has become a winner to be a winner it is not enough to make these changes to be successful you also need to know how to fall and for this I want to tell you about the fight this boxer.

This crashed bout went knockout twice in the fourth round so he was on stage on the verge of defeat. Ha saputo rialzarsi ha saputo riprendersi e alla fine ha vinto all’undicesima ripresa per ko. This means that you can fall and how in life you can fall. The important thing does not matter how many you take when it goes wrong, the important thing is to always know how to get up.

Then in the end maybe he won’t beat the opponent KO maybe in the end you won’t win but if everyone raises you don’t lose. You can be defeated but you have not lost. This is the great teaching. You fall you fall and resume that you rise again you can fall. So I can freely thank boxing Italy for the great teaching they have given us this weekend. Thank you all.