Podcast Tips “Wilder”

I talked about the previous Tyson Fury podcast, but Wilder taught us perhaps more in defeat.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everybody. The new podcast tips welcome back or welcome I always remind you to go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it with everyone if you want to talk about coaching or if you want to listen to other podcasts.

My last podcast Tips was on. Tyson Fury then on to last week’s beautiful boxing match. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t also talk about his rival Wilder. Wilder had a great match and was defeated but did not lose indeed he is also a winner from this match that surely reconciles the fans with boxing and gave his heart and showed what courage is but courage is not there. ‘he only showed that Wilder’s story is as particular as that of flowers who became a very young father when he was only 20 years old in 2005 and his daughter was born with a serious disease called spina bifida practically the spine was not well attached.

This led him to drop out of university to work right away and find money for his daughter’s care and he did it by boxing. He finished third at the 2008 Olympics and then lost against our Clemente Russo. And then he built a great career as a boxer, as a bad boxer, as a depressed boxer so depressed because he could not bear that his daughter was sick did not think he could bear this pain and had great mood swings.

Then the daughter luckily got better and he even recovered as a man. He became world champion in 2015 and has never lost he only lost against another boxer Tyson Fury has made 42 43 fights now with only two defeats he was world champion for 5 years and found only one opponent stronger than him .

But how he lost and why. As coaching also teaches in life you can win and you can lose sometimes you win sometimes you lose but the important thing how you do it and he did everything possible to win was landed the first time in the third round. He recovered, got up, took them and recovered. He knocked out his opponent twice in the fourth round and then between the tenth and eleventh round he only went through torture.

He was no longer standing he no longer had strength he kept being thrown down by the opponent he got up I don’t know if you know the movie Rocky but the same scenes you throw me down a rise you throw me down I stand up you really have to annihilate me and in the end it was annihilated. But his own rival Fury said that if he is the best the second best boxer in the world is Wilder and Fury adds that even if Wilder does not love him he instead respects him very much he will pray for him because he is a man with immense courage and he is this is always the same discourse of values.

You can also do the sport that is often considered violent for bad guys that instead brings out the greatest values the values of courage the value of great motivation value of doing something for a higher reason not started doing it for her daughter to find the money for his daughter, therefore, he did not start at a very young age, building up a technical background that would probably have led him to make a different career.

He started when he was older, it is difficult to learn the technique and tactics when you are older but his willpower and his talent have led him to win and become world champion and keep the title for five years. But I think his greatest greatness was losing this match as he lost it because a truly beautiful match that will remain in boxing history in recent years has never seen a boxing match like this.

So I advise you if you have the chance to go and see it to watch it because it is touching and raw and hard. But it is another great metaphor of life. We fall but we get up we fall but we get up we are defeated but we win too.