Podcast Tips “Adding value”

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“Rome wasn’t built in a day” Morcheeba sang.
Beauty, the pursuit of perfection, giving value to what we do is what we will have to pursue.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone, new podcast tips, welcome back everyone. I remind you that you can also find the old podcasts www.marcoprincipi.it on another site.

I just got back from Rome. Oh well it is useless to tell you that the city is truly splendid beauty everywhere. One thing that really makes you think.

I was lucky in the misfortune of the pandemic because the city is deserted there are few tourists there is little traffic and therefore one has the time and the way to enjoy it and enjoy this beauty that everywhere with the right times reminds me a lot of the film The Great Beauty the one who won the Oscar.

When the protagonist at dawn takes a tour of Rome and enjoys it, here is the same feeling. And if you put on some headphones you put on the same music that really entered a film and therefore truly magical.

It also reminds me of high school studies or the poems of romantic poets I remember or Eternal beauty by Kids ode to eternal beauty but not physical and spiritual beauty.

Here is the spiritual beauty. Rome at the same time, besides being amazed and delighted, I was also a little ashamed. I was ashamed of myself because seeing all these beautiful fantastic works. And thinking about my approximation of doing things my frenzy in doing things is not.

I see myself instead doing things that have been done with value have been given value things have been done. Perfection was truly sought and not only in the people who built it but all from those who brought the stones to those who brought the colors to those who managed the work to those who carried out them.

They all worked with the aim of achieving the perfection of doing something that would stand the test of time and that would give value to their work and to the city itself.

I think this is the secret of true beauty. Value the things you do. We in the current world despite having technology on our side that takes away so much effort that allows us to do more things together perhaps we have lost the concept of perfection and value we do not have many deadlines and the faster we can do things the more we set deadlines and therefore we say expiration pact expiration pact expiration pact no without ever giving us a break and without the things we do and probably giving the right value.

It is clear that I am generalizing there are people who manage to work looking for perfection I don’t know I think about Steve Jobs or people like that. But I put normal people. I am often overwhelmed by the frenzy, I cannot manage time and I cannot give the right value to the things I do.

And I think we need to think about this for two reasons for everything because perfection brings value to the things we do. Also because often even if we achieve success if we reach goals that only a short time before we thought we would never be able to achieve we will not be able to stay there.

The goal achieved. How many times does one reach a milestone if his consent even in the interviews of sportsmen after great victories “ah right now” they reply, “right now I can’t understand maybe I’ll do it at the end of my career or maybe in a few years”.

We are no longer able to repeat to value things and also enjoy our successes. Maybe we need to rethink our times and our frenzy a bit to find a balance because I believe that balance leads to giving value to everything we do. Sure easy to say much harder to do but let’s think about it. Let’s try. It really costs nothing to try.