Podcast Tips “Stoicism and mental coaching”

Mental coaching and philosophy have many points in common.
Stoic philosophers are an example of this.

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Podcast transcript

Hello everyone the new podcast tips welcome welcome back. I remind you to go to my website www.marcoprincipi.it to find a lot of material related to the mental coach.

Yes in this podcast I want to talk to you once again about mental coach and philosophy. Now, however, making a comparison between some parts of the mental coach and the late Stoic philosophy, so let’s talk about stoicism.

There are two philosophies that struck me more than two then we will also talk about another one that is really important that Seneca in this case I want to tell you about Busoni Rufo and Epictetus. They are two philosophers who come from different histories. Suffice it to say that Epictetus is a freed slave and he claimed that it was philosophy and not its owner who freed him because he freed the spirit.

But let’s start from my dream Rufus because it is important in my opinion because there are already characteristics of why the difference between cuisine and main philosophy in my opinion is that philosophy is very abstract and a lot of rhetoric and a lot of logic but some beautiful arguments but hardly put into question. hardly land anything practical.

My dream Rufus instead argued that it was necessary to accentuate the practical aspect of philosophy so for him the philosopher is not the one who thinks well is not the one who argues well is not the one who makes very articulated thoughts right or wrong is he that puts into practice what it says. So he is the one who puts his teachings on the ground and according to him to do this it takes a need to exercise because exercise fatigue also brings us closer to spirituality brings us closer to our essence adds that there are things that may seem good to us but that in reality they are not that pleasure can be wealth physical aspect while other things such as goodness fatigue work that are considered bad or waste of time that there are things that bring us closer to our spirituality to ours essence. You already see how the Stoics were already quite close to modern thinking.

But let’s go further we talk about Epictetus because it brings us another very important point of Epictetus in fact it argues that things are divided into two large classes those that are not in our power and those that are in our power. Therefore the good and the bad of things according to him dwell only in the things that are in our power because they depend on our will.

Even here in how many times have you heard it said let go let go of things that are not in your power but let’s focus on the things that are in our power. Here this is the same thought of Epictetus Epictetus but he argues it as a philosopher and explains it thus. According to him, the things that depend on us can be good things bad things and those who choose bad things then those who choose the physical life the body their pleasures material well-being in short, not only undergoes disappointments but even loses their freedom. He talks about the loss of freedom in this case but because he loses his freedom because he becomes a slave to these things and becomes a slave to the superfluous does not seem very relevant to you.

This concept seems to me to be truly current. Often we become slaves the same to the externalities of possessing things even if all these things reality have no value they do not have the important value they do not have the spiritual value they do not have a moral value. These are things that Epictetus would call bad. In fact he says You have to make a choice you can’t stay in choosing things. But also bad or vice versa. What to choose. Either the good things or the bad things even if he contradicts himself by saying that he himself cannot make this choice completely because some things will continue to adapt us. And only once he has not reached total awareness will he be able to distinguish and always make the right choice but we are human.

Difficult to make the right choice and also adds another thing that who is truly free. So people who manage to say I reject don’t think about things that don’t depend on me. He finally lives the life he wants and for this reason he reaches spiritual contentment, he defines peace of mind and I add awareness. So this podcast to show you how thousands of years ago already some concepts that we find in modern life we find above all the teachings of those who were already current were topics of philosophical discussion. Thanks everyone for listening.