Tips is a new series of podcasts where I try to make useful tips.
Sometimes I use current events, sometimes I use philosophical or historical examples that can be connected and applied in everyday life.
They will be short and very enjoyable podcasts.
Have a good listening

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Wilder

Podcast Tips “Wilder”

I talked about the previous Tyson Fury podcast, but Wilder taught us perhaps more in defeat. Listen to “Podcast Tips” Wilder “” on Spreaker. Podcast

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Tyson Fury

Podcast Tips “Tyson Fury”

The values of sport as a metaphor for life and foundations of mental coaching. Caduta e redenzione, lotta e consapevolezza misti a follia, questo รจ

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Il Dubbio

Podcast Tips “Doubt”

We all have doubts. The philosopher Cartesio goes further, for him doubt must become a method to be applied to everything, so as to be

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips The Discipline

Podcast Tips “The discipline”

Inspiration and motivation are fundamental elements in the process of building a goal. But if they are not accompanied by discipline, they are not enough.

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Ben Wallace

Podcast Tips “Ben Wallace”

Being rejected, finding a closed door, a failure, are blessings. Because they determine the moment in which we must seek in ourselves the strength and

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Starbucks

Podcast Tips “Starbucks”

Why Starbucks?Because it is a story of passion, madness and perseverance and because in this story there is a lot of Italy and a lot

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Dawn Staley

Podcast Tips “Dawn Staley”

I recommend watching Playbook episode 5 on Netflix.Dawn Staley by telling us her story will indirectly give us a lesson in coaching and leadership. Listen

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Talent Passion

Podcast Tips “Talent and Passion”

Passion, responsibility and work ethic are 3 important themes in the world of mental coaching.Talent alone is not enough to achieve our goals, we must

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Flow

Podcast Tips “The Flow”

Another topic inherent in mental coaching is the flow or the zone.But what exactly is it? Tortu explains it to us in an interview with

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips August 1st 2021

Podcast Tips “August 1st 2021”

This date in Italian sport will be remembered forever.Two athletes, two feats and two incredible gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.Jacobs and Tamberi athletes

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Matthew McConaughey

Podcast Tips “Matthew McConaughey”

I don’t particularly like biographies of actors or celebrities but Matthew McConaughey’s is a good book.Beautiful because it speaks of love for life, challenges and

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Tips Stop Self-sabotage

Podcast Tips “Stop Self Tampering”

Podcast that deals with an important topic for the world of coaching. Self-sabotage affects us all, consciously or unconsciously we set ourselves limits that in

Marco Principi Coaching Podcast Pied Piper

Podcast Tips “The Pied Piper”

Do you remember the tale of the “Pied Piper”?How many pipers do we meet in our lives? Knowledge and awareness can help us recognize them

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