Podcast Tips “Fighting Bad Information”

Only a few days ago the mass media applauded the gesture of the Danish players who safeguarded the privacy of their partner who was fighting for life. Today they have no qualms about publishing the video of the last moments of the victims of Mottarone. This is the information in Italy today

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Podcast transcript

Hi everyone, new podcast tips. I remember to be able to listen to me and podcasts on my website www.marcoprincipi.it.

Today’s podcast is going to be a different podcast, a podcast that came to me so straight away. I’ll explain why. A few days ago we witnessed almost everyone and then we were brought back by the information.

The tragedy touched on the football field during the European Championship. Inter player Eriksen of Denmark, one of the most famous players in the world, fell ill during the match then live on television and it was, let’s say, over there that he was saved thanks to the quick intervention of both his teammates. team of both doctors and health care personnel.

It struck the public very much that the players from Denmark huddled around their partner and made a circle in such a way that the cameras could not see those tragic moments of intimate suffering even the same newspapers and the same organs of information in the following days asked about the real role that information should have, that is not to throw us in the face in tragedies and to enter into the intimacy of people who are suffering and who are almost dying and therefore have really applauded the gesture of players who had the strength and intelligence to cover their partner no longer who at that moment was no longer a player but was just a man who was close to death and therefore it was a gesture that affected a lot and I must say that the press has given so much.

Well, now let’s draw a nice line on this because only a few days later today I see on the sites of important newspapers they also tell me on national TV public national TVs that they shoot the videos indeed they want to show them the naturally sponsored videos of the last moments of the Mottarone tragedy.

Do you remember that cabin in the cable car that fell a few weeks ago causing a tragedy destroying families and killing by killing people well if you will.

If you want online the most important newspapers or the most important television news, they show us these last moments no. So look at the baby’s face before the tragedy. Look at how happy people were before a tragedy. Until the cabin slips and crashes.

I am really fed up with this kind of information crazy information that is incorrect and has no respect, respect for the victims, respect for families, has no respect even for us users has no respect for anyone.

And if you’ve followed me for some time, I’ve been making podcasts in which I criticize the method of making information that exists in our country. But every time I see that you manage to go lower and lower you go out to dig more and more and I really find it a terrible thing.

Why. Why throw such a tragedy in our faces. Why play to have more passes on the sites more interaction more clicks and therefore more sponsors more money have to show us the death of other people like us like us playing on our lowest instincts it is human to want to see the last moments of someone’s life to watch tragedies. it is human but it is not fair it is not right and playing on this making money on this is something in my opinion is terrible and this is the problem of our information but our information no longer cares what is right what is wrong.

We think of lighter things that can be entertainment programs for example political and economic, the most competent people are no longer invited, more serious who maybe bored because serious speeches are not boring.

We need to call people who know nothing about a topic but we put them there the same people who know but they are visual people who are therefore there on purpose to make a mess to create then to bring the attention of the listeners.

Thanks to the great bullshit they say or because they insult etc. and often false news is spread on purpose or are shared by one or two people who question must instead question things that are certain because this is done because the information must work so the the greatest evil of our country is not as everyone says it has malfeasance the mafia politics is not information and information that creates monsters and information that gives importance to people characters who shouldn’t have it from a megaphone to the insane information that has incredible power and today as today information in Italy is unable to manage this power.

It is not serious information and this is very serious and it is also our fault that we must do something so that information in our country returns to being a serious thing because we participate in the information we users we people are the ones who listen and who maybe they are influenced.

And if we are influenced by false things, biased things, partial things are detrimental to the whole society so we fight this kind of information. Thank you all.