Podcast Tips “It can’t be done”

How many times do they tell us or do we ourselves say “it can’t be done”. But are we really sure that we are not ourselves setting limits? I talk about it in this podcast.

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Podcast transcript

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If I tell you it cannot be done. I would never be able to do this. What do you think how many times have you heard this sentence many times we tell ourselves I am not able to do this thing. This thing can never really be done like this.

I don’t always give you an example, rather two examples. A prime example is that of a very famous historical figure Hannibal the great leader of the Carthaginians who brought his troops from Spain to the heart of Italy crossing the Alps, striking in the heart what was not yet the Roman Empire. An undertaking that in those days but also today was impossible.

Who knows how many people will have read it is impossible to do something impossible. Who knows how many people will have read it is impossible to do something impossible. So you can think how legendary this feat was.

He will also understand that he managed to convince 80,000 people. They have succeeded in doing this feat. So you also understand the mental and leadership strength of this person. But let’s move on.

We think about sport because sport, in sport always finds these life lessons you can always find. I want to focus on his something that concerns us closely.

Then the great world record of Pietro Mennea which he had set in 1979 in Mexico City by running the 200 meters in 19 72.

Because I mention Mennea because I mention this record because one of the longest-running records in history lasted almost twenty years from 79 to 96 and seemed truly unattainable.

Nobody could get over this time until another pioneer arrived, another phenomenon, Michael Johnson who in the space of a week was first lowered to 19 66 and then to 19 32 an amazing and incredible time that seemed impossible.

And after him came another pioneer, arrived Usain Bolt who also lowered it twice within a day or rather a year, sorry first 19 30 and then 19 19.

This is the current world record. But the progression in world record times doesn’t really matter to us. What I want to focus on is the fact that once these people these phenomena, they did something that they thought could not be done, so many other athletes broke the previous record and got closer to the new one.

This means that we ourselves put blocks in our mind that do not allow us to think big because we ourselves say this thing will never be able to do it. This thing cannot be done.

And this reminds me a lot of David Goggins who says that our greatest enemy is our mind which always wants to save us and preserve us from disappointments.

Why risk and say this thing even if it is always impossible I can do it. It takes so much courage that it takes pioneers, it takes people like that.

Once these people achieve these incredible results, they raise the bar and by raising the bar they all raise it.

This is a great lesson precisely a great lesson both of mental strength and therefore of how strong our mind is of how much we have to learn to control it and to use it and to ensure that the two parts. So what Galloway calls S1 and S2 actively collaborate and also how important leadership is how important a leader is.

There are some people who have this power have the power to inspire to instill trust in others and raise their performance.

Even these athletes by overcoming one of the goals that seemed incredible have raised the bar and raised everyone’s performance. This is leadership.

This is the great strength of our mind. So when we still think, that something cannot be done and that something is impossible. let’s try to change our attitude and maybe taking inspiration from the film Frankenstein Junior. Let’s say it can be done.